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Verb1.set aflame - set fire to; cause to start burning; "Lightening set fire to the forest"
combust, burn - cause to burn or combust; "The sun burned off the fog"; "We combust coal and other fossil fuels"
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So I hasten to add that the mood was one of brief duration, and that no cold-water arguments were able to quench the fire which those eyes had set aflame within me, no daylight philosophy had any power to dispel the dream of a face which was now my most precious possession, as I once more took up my stick and listlessly pursued my way to Yellowsands.
"The fan caught fire, which in turn set aflame the orange "parna" with which the wall fan had been tied to the Palki Sahib pillar...Both the fan and the "parna" fell on the carpet that caused the fire to spread to the book of Guru Granth Sahib," the police official added.
Rioters set aflame the local health unit, smashing its windows and doors and holding polio workers hostage for some time, in Mashokhel town where the rumour seemingly stemmed from.
Dramatic was the presentation of Baked Live Garoupa (lapu lapu) in Claypot, which was drenched with a wheat-based liquor set aflame to allow the essence to permeate the fish, leaving but a subtle complementary flavor.
TV images showed a building with extensive damage, and police said it had also been set aflame.
The heated political rivalry between the Alcala and Suarez clans in Quezon province was set aflame by the inclusion of a member of the Alcala clan, Lucena Mayor Roderick Alcala, on President Rodrigo Duterte's narcolist.
The walls of the city were breached, the Temple was set aflame, and Jerusalem was left desolate.
In prison, these words were written, almost 102 years ago, by one man who, with the blood of colonial slaves flowing from his pen, awakened the minds and set aflame the hearts of Filipinos to fight for freedom.
Iranians pour fuel on US flags set aflame during an anti-US demonstration outside the former US embassy headquarters in Tehran, May 9, 2018.
Around three to four of the kites are sent across the Gaza-Israel border each day, and have so far incinerated agricultural lands in Israel's southern region, with wheat fields being set aflame and ecological damage caused to the country.
As part of the demonstration, they set aflame the picture of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the North's national flag, and the so-called unification flag, which the two Koreas agreed to use during their athletes' joint march at the Olympic opening ceremony.