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1. Exceptionally light silky wool from the undercoat of the chiru.
a. A soft light fabric made from this wool.
b. A scarf or shawl made of this wool.

[Ultimately (perhaps via Punjabi) from Kashmiri shāhtōsa : shāh, king (from Persian; see shah) + tōsa, shahtoosh wool.]
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(Textiles) a soft wool that comes from the Himalyan ibex
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TWO major airports have been put on high alert following fear of smuggling of Shahtoosh shawl, also known as the king of wool, as the demand escalated in international market.
Tiger skins can fetch up to 20,000 Pounds, with reports saying that a pound of tiger glue (made from the animals' bones) was selling in Vietnam for 2,000 dollars in 2008, while Tibetan antelope hair, known as shahtoosh, is made into shawls that can cost between 1,200 to 12,000 dollars a piece, the paper added.
The existing trade in illegal animal items in the UAE such as ivory, shahtoosh shawls or caviar has pushed customs officials to receive special training in identifying prohibited animal products by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).
Tibetan antelope, also known as "chiru", numbered up to a million at the beginning of the last century, but by the mid-1990's the total number was estimated to have declined to as low as 65,000, principally due to poaching for shahtoosh, the species' valuable wool.
The checklist of gifts and souvenirs to avoid includes tiger and leopard skin coats and bags; sea turtle shell jewellery and sunglasses and Shahtoosh shawls - in which extremely rare Chiru Himalayan antelope is killed to make a single garment.
I could only wonder idly whether it was a pashmina or a shahtoosh.
Hunters have been killing 25,000 animals a year for their fur, which is used to make finer-than-silk shahtoosh shawls.
A clothing firm was fined pounds 1,500 in Britain's first-ever successful prosecution for selling illegal Shahtoosh shawls.
Following the ban on shahtoosh -- the world's finest wool derived from the hair of an endangered Tibetan antelope -- shawls made from pashmina wool are considered the finest and are exported worldwide.
In the first case to be prosecuted in the US for the illegal trade in "shahtoosh," the wool of the Tibetan antelope, two traders were sentenced November 28 in New Jersey district court for the illegal import and export of more than 400 shahtoosh shawls.
Quite possibly struggling with massive withdrawal symptoms caused by the one- month break in wedding revelry because of a lean auspicious period, the rich aunties and their nubile daughters came out wearing their sequined Indian attire along with shahtoosh shawls and bigger diamonds.
Tibetan Plateau Project (TPP) Director Justin Lowe visited India and Nepal in July and August to gather information and plan new initiatives to address the international trade in "shahtoosh," the wool of the endangered Tibetan antelope.