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The first shot I made among these creatures, I killed a she-goat, which had a little kid by her, which she gave suck to, which grieved me heartily; for when the old one fell, the kid stood stock still by her, till I came and took her up; and not only so, but when I carried the old one with me, upon my shoulders, the kid followed me quite to my enclosure; upon which I laid down the dam, and took the kid in my arms, and carried it over my pale, in hopes to have bred it up tame; but it would not eat; so I was forced to kill it and eat it myself.
Meanwhile he drove all the ewes inside, as well as the she-goats that he was going to milk, leaving the males, both rams and he-goats, outside in the yards.
From the Greek Khimaira, Latin Chimaera; she-goat. In Greek mythology: a composite creature with the body and head of a lion, a goat's head rising from its back, and a serpent's tail.
One of several possibilites is that the age-old Italian resort, the Isle of Capri, was named for being the "isle of goats." At the very time of our October all-sky map, with Capricornus at its highest, the brilliant star just rising in the northeast is Capella, which means "she-goat" (the mother goat held by Auriga, the Charioteer).
Zakat on livestock varies in the following manner: (i) Camels: From 5 to 24, one she-goat on every five camels, from 25 to 35, one one-year old she-camel or in its absence one, two-year old camel, from 36 to 45, one two-year old she-camel, from 46 to 60, one three-year old she-camel, from 61 to 75, one four-year old she-camel, from 76 to 90, two two-year old she-camels, from 91 to 120: two three-year old she-camels and over 120, one two-year old she-camel on every forty camels and one three year old on every fifty camels.
The word, which literally means "she-goat," has since become a term used to describe a hybrid made from the body parts of multiple animals.
In another narration, the Prophet, sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, said: "There are forty kinds of virtue, the highest of which is to gift a (milch) she-goat. He who practises any of these virtues, expecting its reward (from Allah) and believing in the truth of the promise made for it, will enter Jannah (Paradise).'' [Al-Bukhari]
The amendment has been sought to enhance up to eight years of jail and fine up to Rs0.5 million for the offence of selling meat of dead animal and jail up to six months and fine up to Rs0.1million for selling meat of the animal under the permissible age or that of the she-goat. It may be mentioned that Punjab has been badly caught up by the malady of selling unwholesome meat and even that of the animals which are prohibited to eat in normal circumstances under the injunctions of Islam.
A subacute case of concurrent babesiosis and anaplasmosis in a she-goat. Ind.
Skt chaga- 'he-goat' [which is most likely the source of Bur chageni NH 'black goat' (B 95) and possibly of Bur chigi'r 'goat' (B 76)], Osset sney 'she-goat', OEng hecen 'kid' (M-A2 140).
From the she-goat Chimera story to a unicorn (sadly not moving), a big cat and even an alien.
The sculptures evoke modernist masters: A goat, its rib cage, fanciful curl of horns, and expressive pointed face all made from carefully shaped pieces of cardboard and daubed in white paint, brought to mind Picasso's She-Goat, 1950; black crows, hung from the gallery ceiling and spiraling overhead, and sunflowers recalled van Gogh.