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Noun1.shelf bracket - a bracket to support a shelfshelf bracket - a bracket to support a shelf  
wall bracket, bracket - a support projecting from a wall (as to hold a shelf)
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but when I attempted to move back jars to the front, I managed to put too much pressure on the shelf bracket which broke three of the shelves beneath it, all falling on me and breaking on the floor below.
Shelves were attached to the particleboard gables using the standard shelf bracket system (Fig.
Slide them along to match the shelf bracket positions and then hold the tool against the wall for a perfect set of level drilling marks.
See Rationell glass shelves (80cm x 35cm) PS8 for two Kitchen storage from curtain rod Slot a curtain pole through the gaps in a shelf bracket and screw the finials on the end.
Push the toggle into the hole then hold up the shelf bracket, push through the toggle screw and tighten up with the screw driver.
The secondary support is made from a shelf bracket attached to the focuser board, which is held in position with a C-clamp.
Once Skitt assaulted her with a metal shelf bracket, breaking her hand.''
Or use cable staples to attach plywood shelves to standard pegboard shelf brackets. The staples allow you to slide the shelf back and forth so you can easily fit the shelf bracket "legs" into the holes.
Slot a curtain pole through the gaps in a shelf bracket and screw the finials on the end.Ekby Osten shelf and bracket [euro]19.75, Racka curtain rod [euro]2.25, finials [euro]4.50 for two