shoot away


w>shoot away

(= move rapidly)davonschießen, losjagen
(= shoot continuously)schießen; we shot away at them for two hourswir beschossen sie zwei Stunden lang; shoot away! (fig inf)schieß los!
vt sepwegschießen
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Stuart Robson recovered well from his first outing to shoot away and win heat seven in a shared 3-3, while heat eight came to a sharp end when Nielsen clattered into the second-bend fence, following a great battle with Aarnio and Morris, who were awarded the first maximum 5-1 heat win.
Two giant jets shoot away from this galaxy, one of which is seen above the plane of the closer galaxy's disk.
At a wavelength of 614 nanometers, a light pulse lasting only a few femtoseconds causes such a rapid breakup of an iodine molecule into two iodine atoms that the two atoms shoot away from each other at high speed.