Moving quickly, restlessly, or irregularly; skittish.


twitchy; on edge


(ˈskɪt ə ri)

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Nae wonder Skittery Wullie locked himself in his piggery and refused tae come oot fan he heard aboot em.
When we finally had a black stop by, it showed itself on trail cam as a skittery, nervous youngster that was hard to pattern but also not of the age class that we were targeting.
As for quantities, well if you're staying in then you can avoid skittery pub measures.
Daddy, the narrator describes, would post an ad in the local paper to announce that he was giving away the item for free, which he was always unable to do because folks would be "skittery about it too and their faces all closed up like at cards and they'd walk around the thing and poke it with their toe and go Where'd you all get it at what's the matter with it how come you want rid of it so bad" (70).
After a skittery and slightly tedious start, which is heavy on Carter's need to keep infusing Mulder and Scully's world with a convoluted master theory, The X-Files settles in and starts to relocate some of its creepy vibe and playfulness.
With dampness creeping down his back, he cobbled together bits and pieces of metal, melted a bezel ring to a hinge, soldered the strikeplates and deadlatches and skittery innards of doorknobs into one tumorous mass.
Daarmee saam: "Uit die sloot onder die hoenderstellasies [= toilette] het die bedwelmende stank van 'n pes, van maagkoors se skittery, van verdierliking en vernedering opgewalm" (Du Plessis 241).
See Tony Hoagland, Fear of Narrative and the Skittery Poem of Our Moment, POETRY MAG., Mar.
Many of the poems in It Becomes You remain committed, whether consciously or not, to what Tony Hoagland branded this "skittery" manner of speaking.
Beer sponsor's skittery eyes say he knows I'm listening, but he acts like he doesn't.
in the cold I am as you at risk of breathing skittery windborne
But saying that, when you see the miracle that goes on inside a couple of skittery critters, you might see them with renewed respect and think twice about squashing an insect next time one's in your vicinity.