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adj. slea·zi·er, slea·zi·est
a. Shabby, dirty, and vulgar; tawdry: "sleazy storefronts with torn industrial carpeting and dirt on the walls" (Seattle Weekly).
b. Dishonest or corrupt; disreputable: Some sleazy characters hang around casinos.
2. Made of low-quality materials; cheap or shoddy.
3. Thin and loosely woven; flimsy: The coat has a sleazy lining.

[Origin unknown.]

slea′zi·ly adv.
slea′zi·ness n.
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Noun1.sleaziness - morally dishonorable; "an embarrassing sleaziness that I hope will be corrected by the more ethical newspapers"
dishonorableness, dishonourableness - the quality of not deserving honor or respect
2.sleaziness - a lack of elegance as a consequence of wearing threadbare or dirty clothingsleaziness - a lack of elegance as a consequence of wearing threadbare or dirty clothing
inelegance - the quality of lacking refinement and good taste
raggedness - shabbiness by virtue of being in rags
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Lucio, however, persists in emphasizing the sleaziness of the Duke's imputed private self; his "use" was a "beggar of fifty," who received his "ducat in her clack-dish" (3.1.369-70).
As easy as it is to spot Milo's sleaziness, it's harder to know exactly what to make of "The Bookshop." It isn't really a love story (except if you count the love of reading).
The name Weinstein is now so indelibly etched on our collective consciousness that it's become shorthand for sleaziness, indecency and abuse of power.
And we're finally trying to focus on the Donald Trump sleaziness sagas that the nation didn't deal with in 2016.
There's a world of difference between silliness and sleaziness.
Secondly, it subjects the nation to a sleaziness that is unbecoming of our political discourse, not to mention unfit for a general audience that includes young people.
If at times I felt intoxicated by my performance of heterosexual attraction, I just as often felt violated by the exploitive management and general sleaziness of the enterprise--even in Boston's supposedly upscale Naked I Cabaret, with its patina of glamor and its vaunted "All-Nude College Girl Revue." For me, the relative level of self-determination fostered in that environment through choice of costume, music, and motion ultimately meant less than the corrosion of self-worth I experienced in what I still see as an inescapably oppressive situation.
Leslie is attracted to the machismo, the scars, and the paraphernalia of the tough and criminal elements of the Dark fey subculture, but she rejects the sleaziness and the poverty of the real world underclass represented by her drug dealer brother.
More notably, he has an impressive history of corporate sleaziness for someone so young.
The stark contrast between Point Road's 'sleaziness' and the global eminence of Gandhi led some in Durban's Indian communities to see the association, and the 'symbolic dissonance' it involved, as an insult to Gandhi's reputation and family.
His porcelain figures have a contemporary sleaziness to them ".