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1. The act of using a sled.
2. Conditions conducive to the use of a sled.
3. Informal A specific kind of progress toward a goal; the going: "The plan faces tough sledding in Congress, although it may still be instituted by a presidential decree" (Clifford Krauss).
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(ˈslɛd ɪŋ)

1. the state of the ground permitting use of a sled.
2. the act of conveying or riding on a sled.
3. progress or advance in any field: The job won't be easy sledding.
[1675–85, Amer.]
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Noun1.sledding - the sport of riding on a sled or sleighsledding - the sport of riding on a sled or sleigh
tobogganing - riding on a long light sled with low handrails
bobsledding - riding on a bobsled
athletics, sport - an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition
2.sledding - advancing toward a goal; "persuading him was easy going"; "the proposal faces tough sledding"
accomplishment, achievement - the action of accomplishing something
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썰매 타기
åka släde
việc đi bằng xe trượt tuyết


تَزَلُّج sáňkování slædekørsel Rodeln διαδρομή με έλκηθρο transporte en trineo rekiajelu luge sanjkanje slitta スレッジング 썰매 타기 sleeën sledekjøring sanie trenó катание на санях åka släde การเล่นเลื่อนหิมะ kızak kaymak việc đi bằng xe trượt tuyết 乘坐雪橇
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These self-driven tours range from two hours to the three-plus night custom Iditarod Dog Sledding Expedition, where guests traverse up to 150 miles over the historic Iditarod trail,
But among sledding's true connoisseurs, trusting gravity and crystallized water vapor to send you careening down a hill is a practice that can be entrusted to but one kind of sled, the kind that speed demons have sworn by for 130 years: the Flexible Flyer.
Demonstrations of dog sledding, ice fishing, snowshoeing and more will help you have fun outdoors this winter.
Aki had much fun in the snow sledding, as seen in this Instagram story taken by his mom yesterday.
Secret's sledding video was posted to Twitter again on Thursday by a user named Chris Strider with the tweet saying, "This is the best thing you'll see all day."
And we all love dogs, so that's where dog sledding came in - I had visions of sitting in a cosy sled and chilling out all day, taking in the scenery as we meandered along."
Somehow Paul and Matty pulled their strength together, and after 120 days of dog sledding and skiing they arrived back where they had started in the town of Iqaluit.
I loved all of the traditional snow day activities, but my favorite was definitely sledding. My family lived on the outskirts of Memphis, which at that time was considered "out in the country." Our house sat atop a long, steep driveway perfect for sledding.
The carnival will feature sledding, ice skating, a bonfire, s'mores and more.
But one childhood tradition could soon be only a pleasant memory as more and more municipalities begin instituting sledding bans because of some recent judgments requiring million-dollar payouts to injured sledders.
As noted by Morey and Aaris-Sorensen (2002:52), "team sledding became important only in the context of a lifeway centered heavily on maximization of multi-seasonal group mobility and efficient response to different resource targets over extensive territory"--that is, a Neoeskimo lifeway--and Paleoeskimo lifeways appear to have lacked the security and organization for such logistically organized responses (see e.g., McGhee, 1996).
Momentum During Men's Sledding Events Event Mass * Velocity Equation Momentum (in (in km/hr) (kg x km/hr) kilograms) 2-man 390 140 Momentum = 54,600 bobsled 390 kg x 140 km/hr 4-man 630 140 bobsled 1-man luge 115 140 2-man luge 210 140 * Athletes plus equipment SOURCE: INTERNATIONAL LUGE FEDERATION & INTERNATIONAL BOBSLED AND TOBOGGANING FEDERATION 1.