slope off

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w>slope off

vi (inf)abziehen (inf)
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They came upon the valleys of Nukuheva on one side of the bay, where the highlands slope off into the sea.
I don't have time to slope off to the chippy like the slack-jawed youngster I once was, and besides, I don't eat chips these days.
So slope off to Austria if you fancy something more Club 0-5 than Club 18-30!
The recent survey of the gulf also produced images of the continental slope off the coasts of Texas and Louisiana.
And she's furious when they slope off to the dressing room as she tells the tearful trio that they're two-time losers.
While ye slope off with aal yer mates, well it's not ganna happen, nee way!"
The Ford Escort, which had been stolen in Earlsdon on Saturday, was this morning still perched precariously on the slope off the bridge in Abbey Road, Whitley.
SPORTY youngsters studying for their exams can now slope off to take a special skiing.
A few years ago only the rich had the time and money to slope off for a skiing holiday.
SLOPE OFF J CLEGG went on a luxury ski holiday last month
So I'd say that Mark Barry, who would slope off daily from the cushie Hewell Grange Prison, Worcestershire, to work in his own Sutton Coldfield pub, was showing a bit of initiative.
"We were all racing fans at school 30-odd years ago, when we used to slope off lessons to go to Fontwell and Goodwood.