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Adj.1.smooth-shelled - having a smooth shell
shelled - of animals or fruits that have a shell
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We did not include a "grinding" control group (grinding the surface of naturally smooth-shelled snails) to test for effects of shell grinding per se on sea star consumption for two reasons: (a) because a prior study suggested that such mock removal of shell surface features had no effect on consumption of the snail Ceratostoma foliatum by another sea star (Pycnopodia helianthoides) (Donovan et al., 1999), and (b) because of the additional work required to collect, mark, and measure an additional ~100 snails within the limited time available to perform the experiments.
The genus Mytilus, as defined by Linnaeus (1758), consists of two types of species: Those that are hard-shelled for which two species, Mytilus californianus and Mytilus coruscus, have been defined; and those that are smooth-shelled for which three species, Mytilus edulis, Mytilus galloprovincialis, and Mytilus trossulus, have been recognized.
The same type of colouration was, however, reported in the smooth-shelled Ordovician Isorthoceras (Kroger 2013), which probably also belongs to the Orthocerida (D.
Smooth-shelled species, Actinonais ligamentina and Elliptio dilatata, were found in finer substrate than Fusconaia flava which has a fairly deep sulcus and Quadrula pustulosa which has generalize shell sculpture.