smoothhound shark

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Noun1.smoothhound shark - smooth dogfish of European coastal waterssmoothhound shark - smooth dogfish of European coastal waters
smooth dogfish - small bottom-dwelling shark found along both Atlantic coasts
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Authorized Species Minimum Size Bag Limit (per trip) (fork length) Smoothhound shark None None Atlantic sharpnose shark None 1 per person Bonnethead None 1 per person Hammerheads (great, 78 inches 1 per vessel (Hammerhead or Other shark) scalloped, and smooth) Other sharks 54 inches
A preliminary study of age and growth of the smoothhound shark Mustelus mustelus (Triakidae).
The scheme, focusing on ports in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Humberside and Cumbria, will train fishermen to identify and record species such as the small-spotted catshark and the starry smoothhound shark.
Brian Taylor with his winning starry smoothhound shark
But thankfully the smoothhound shark is not considered dangerous to people.
Ontogenetic dietary shifts and feeding ecology of the rasptail skate Raja velezi and the brown smoothhound shark Mustelus henlei along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Central America.
Further, this kind of information may facilitate the understanding of population dynamics of species with conservation priorities such as angel sharks, narrownose smoothhound shark and tope shark.
A 12yearold smoothhound shark died two days later and staff at Britain's oldest aquarium feared the animal had suffered a sudden fatal haemorrhage due to stress.