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"Yes, or when you're put in a snippy little room 'way at the top of the house with nothin' in it," growled Nancy.
You always want trenches; you ought to ha" been born a rabbit Snippy."
I wonder if you'd he so superior and snippy if you had to live on six dollars a week."
"He was rather snippy about my leaving a book in the hall.
There is no need to be snippy to your baby's close relatives.
The fashion world is celebrating these snippy sweeties...
Leftist lawmaker Marcelo Freixo tweeted, "Today we lost the true Brazilian legend," a snippy allusion to the term Bolsonaro's supporters use for the president.
Those used to city life may get a bit snippy if forced to wait more than five minutes for their skinny flat white, but it would be a terrible shame if such urban deadlines were to be gradually imposed on more tranquil, peaceful places like Skye.
The eye rolls and snippy one-liners are a daily occurrence these days and I've noticed that they just aren't coming from Hayden.
No, you decide, OK, but not there either.' You spend a further two hours deciding what to watch on Netflix, while each scarfing your own snacks until you both get snippy, give up and go to bed.
The latest book from Megan Dougherty, the author of Quilting Isn't Funny: A collection of Threadful Humor, is the snarky and laugh-out-loud funny Short, Sharp and Snippy: More Cutting-Edge Quilt Humor.
We identified single-nucleotide polymorphisms and performed core genome alignments using Snippy version 3.2 (