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adj. snoot·i·er, snoot·i·est Informal
1. Snobbishly aloof; haughty.
2. High-class; exclusive.

snoot′i·ly adv.
snoot′i·ness n.
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Noun1.snootiness - the quality of being snooty; "he disliked his neighbors' snootiness"
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare
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He says he laughs when he thinks of the hubris and snootiness of those days as they discriminated against anyone with a single exhaust car.
This means developing a certain rigid snootiness towards any other African not trying to assimilate, as would the case of the latter group, for whom there really wasn't any physical white community to aspire to assimilate to.
The crowded intersections, the eccentricity and the snootiness of the residents.
We went from bashing her for her snootiness and admiring her, albeit grudgingly, for the way she handled her breakup with her longtime boyfriend.
She says I'm snooty and pretentious and nobody likes me but in actual fact, between the snootiness and pretentiousness, I think she's trying to do her best and she's trying to be a good person.
The point is that when the government adopts that snootiness and elitism and starts telling people that they can't wear this piece of clothing because it's political but this isn't political, you are just going to get resentment.
After the noted similarities between the character's hair parting and "snootiness, Jacob quipped he would "not be bold enough to emulate" the character's style.
The Beano said Walter's hair parting and style, glasses, choice of vintage clothes, snootiness and "insistence on reminding others of his father's successful career" had been copied by the MP.
And he said the North East Somerset MP had copied Walter's "snootiness" and his efforts to stop others having fun.
There wasn't a hint of snootiness that you'd often associate with luxury resorts.
I am not sure if it is incompetence or snootiness. Nevertheless, I chose not to let it bother me.