social action

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: action - a social policy of reform (especially socioeconomic reform)
social policy - a policy of for dealing with social issues
affirmative action - a policy designed to redress past discrimination against women and minority groups through measures to improve their economic and educational opportunities; "affirmative action has been extremely controversial and was challenged in 1978 in the Bakke decision"
fence mending - social action to improve poor relations (especially in politics); "they moved forward from a period of fence mending to substantive changes in the country"
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National Secretariat for Social Action Executive Secretary Fr.
Almost 60 years since national service was brought to an end, a group of 18 charities, businesses and youth organisations has proposed a new programme of voluntary "full-time social action" for those under 30 as a way of preparing them for work and helping public services.
Buzon sent a circular to all parishes, asking the public to respond to the needs of evacuees by sending donations through the Social Action Center of the Diocese of Bacolod.
Upon returning home, I decided that the Women's March offers the opportunity to take a historical event and analyze it for elements related to free speech, social action, and social justice.
By TAMLYN JONES Business Reporter @tamlynpost A YOUNG West Midlands volunteer is pledging to get more of his peers involved in social action.
26 (SUNA) - Head of Sudan delegation for the Ninth Meeting of the Social Affairs and Gender of COMESA Countries and State Minister at the Ministry of Welfare and Security, Ibrahim Adam Ibrahim, has declared Sudan approval of the COMESA Social Action Document.
Human Rights and Social Justice: Social Action and Service for the Helping and Health Professions, 2nd Edition
The goal is to enable six in 10 of those aged 20 to take part in social action by 2020.
Nearly twice that number said they would like to get involved in social action that contributes to their neighbourhoods, but felt the opportunities did not exist.
Dominic Cotton, from Step Up To T Serve, said that social action among young people enhances a sense of community and improves skills valued by employers.
22 -- For the last forty five years I have been conducting numerous social analysis courses to the hundreds of social action groups in various parts of the country on the livelihood situation of the millions of agricultural labourers, small and marginal farming classes of India.