stand guard

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v. guard·ed, guard·ing, guards
a. To watch over (a place or person, for example) in order to keep from being damaged, robbed, or injured: guard a bank; guarding a witness. See Synonyms at defend.
b. To supervise the entry and exit through; keep watch at: guard a door.
c. To watch over so as to prevent escape or violence: guard a prisoner.
d. To keep from risk or curtailment; ensure the safety or integrity of: jealously guarded his success; carefully guarded her privacy.
2. Sports To keep (an opposing player) from scoring or playing effectively, usually by remaining close to the player to disrupt offensive play.
3. To maintain control over, as to prevent indiscretion: Guard what you say.
4. To furnish (a device or object) with a part that protects people from harm or injury.
5. Archaic To escort as a guard.
1. To take precautions: guarded against illness by getting exercise.
2. To serve as a guard.
1. A person who protects, keeps watch, or acts as a sentinel: a prison guard.
a. The act or duty of guarding.
b. Protection; watch: The sheepdog kept guard over the herd.
3. Something that gives protection; a safeguard: a guard against tooth decay.
4. A device or attachment that prevents injury, damage, or loss, especially:
a. An attachment or covering put on a machine to protect the operator or a part of the machine.
b. A device on a foil, sword, or knife that protects the hand.
c. A padded covering worn to protect a body part from injury: a shin guard.
d. A small chain or band attached to a watch or bracelet to prevent loss.
e. A ring worn to prevent a more valuable ring from sliding off the finger.
5. An honor guard.
6. Chiefly British A railway employee in charge of a train.
7. Football One of the two offensive linemen on either side of the center.
8. Basketball Either of the two players normally positioned in the backcourt who are responsible for bringing the ball to and initiating offensive plays from the frontcourt.
9. Sports A defensive position or stance, as in boxing or fencing.
10. Electronics A signal that prevents accidental activation of a device or ambiguous interpretation of data.
off (one's) guard
Not alert; unprepared.
on (one's) guard
Alert and watchful; cautious.
stand guard
1. To keep watch.
2. To act as a sentinel.

[Middle English garden, from Old French garder, guarder, of Germanic origin; see wer- in Indo-European roots.]

guard′er n.
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Verb1.stand guard - watch over so as to protect; "We must stand sentinel to protect ourselves"; "The jewels over which they kept guard were stolen"
guard - to keep watch over; "there would be men guarding the horses"
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يَقِف في الحِراسَه
mít hlídku
standa vörî
stáť na stráži


(gaːd) verb
1. to protect from danger or attack. The soldiers were guarding the king/palace.
2. to prevent (a person) escaping, (something) happening. The soldiers guarded their prisoners; to guard against mistakes.
1. someone who or something which protects. a guard round the king; a guard in front of the fire.
2. someone whose job is to prevent (a person) escaping. There was a guard with the prisoner every hour of the day.
3. (American conductor) a person in charge of a train.
4. the act or duty of guarding.
ˈguarded adjective
cautious. He gave guarded replies.
ˈguardedly adverb
guard of honour
soldiers or other people who are lined up as an honour to someone important. A guard of honour greeted the President at the airport.
keep guard (on)
The soldiers kept guard (on the prisoner).
off guard
unprepared. He hit me while I was off guard; to catch someone off guard.
on guard
prepared. Be on your guard against his tricks.
stand guard
to be on duty as a guard. He stood guard at the gates.
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Weary and exhausted from sleeplessness I threw myself upon the ground commanding Woola to stand guard.
Members of the Philippine Coast Guard stand guard as passengers and baggage go through strict screening as they enter the terminal at the Port of Manila on Holy Wednesday, April 17, 2019.
'You all are protectors, you have to stand guard so that the dam projects could be completed, ' the CJP added.
Police continued to stand guard at the house for several hours after the attack, with CID and forensics officers entering the property as part of the investigation.
Police stand guard at the entrance to the US Air Force base at RAF Mildenhall, Suffolk, yesterday.
Last Wednesday, journalists AbdE-lhamit Bilici (from Zaman) and Cafer Solgun (from the Meydan newspaper) headed to Silivri Prison to stand guard in the "wait for hope" campaign.
Don Cantillon's veteran is bidding for a 25th win on artificial surfaces in the 1m4f seller which would take him just one shy of matching current record holder Stand Guard, who was retired in June.
SOUTHWELL: 2.30 Putin, 3.00 Zain Dream, 3.30 Grosmont, 4.00 Stand Guard, 4.30 Repetition, 5.00 Grosmont, 4.00 Stand Guard, 4.30 Repetition, 5.00 Black Vale, 5.30 Coach Montana.
On the subject of knickers, the BHA have been getting theirs in a twist about the races Stand Guard has, and has not, been contesting and the procedure whereby a trainer can self-certify to give a reason for their nonrunners.
STAND Guard became the winningmost all-weather horse of all time in Britain as he secured his 26th career victory on an artificial surface at Southwell.
STAND Guard joined La Estrella on a mark just one short of the British all-weather-winning record when the pair's much anticipated clash at Southwell was called off at the 11th hour.