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(General Engineering) (of a metal, alloy, etc) very easily moulded at high temperatures without fracturing
(General Engineering) such a metal, alloy, etc
ˌsuperplasˈticity n
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(ˌsu pərˈplæs tɪk)

(of some metals and alloys) having the capacity to undergo extreme deformation at high temperatures.
- su`per•plas•tic′i•ty (-ˈtɪs ɪ ti)
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Other uses are in superplastic and quick plastic forming, or anywhere high temperature protection, lubrication and release are paramount.
This could be metal forming, superplastic forming or additive manufacturing processes - all of which would produce the tank parts at close to net shape.
Optional heated platens are available for 500[degrees]F, 650[degrees]F, 800[degrees]F, 1,200[degrees]F and 1,800[degrees]F operating temperatures, which are required for many composite, ceramic and other molding applications, including superplastic molding of titanium.
He explains that superplastic forming (SPF) of sheet metal is a niche process that enables the manufacture of lightweight components with complex geometries.
In addition, we have been able to suppress unwanted superplastic behavior of the alloy I at 1080[degrees]C by reducing the elongation [delta] from 136 to 20%.
Remarkable elongation is a notable symbol of superplasticity, for example, Sn-Bi eutectic alloys [9] under superplastic tensile tests exhibiting outstanding elongation, as much as 1950%.
Lu, "Superplastic extensibility of nanocrystalline copper at room temperature," Science, vol.
In the type C coating, which contains nanocrystallites with the grain size of ~6 nm, the plasticity is confined almost entirely to the grain boundaries with grain boundary migration and grain rotation/sliding as the primary mechanisms contributing to the plastic deformation, similarly to the case of superplastic materials.
One of BCW's automotive contracts involves the production of aluminium components mainly from A3 65 castings, 6060 extrusion, superplastic 5083, and 5754 sheet for a premium automotive customer in the UK specialising in manufacturing luxury sports cars and grand tourers.
Severe plastic deformation as a processing tool for developing superplastic metals, J.