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 (sĭng′krə-nīz′, sĭn′-)
v. syn·chro·nized, syn·chro·niz·ing, syn·chro·niz·es
a. To cause to occur or operate with exact coincidence in time or rate: The military units synchronized their operations. We synchronized our watches.
b. To cause to occur or operate at the same time as something else: They synchronized their trip with the annual tulip festival.
2. To represent (events) as occurring at the same time or in the same time period.
3. To arrange (a video or soundtrack, for example) to play or operate in synchronization with something else.
a. To transfer data between (two devices) to ensure that the same data is stored on both.
b. To execute such a transfer to cause the content of (two or more files or other sets of data) to be identical.
1. To occur at the same time; be simultaneous: The light flashes of fireflies tend to synchronize with one another.
2. To operate in unison.

[Greek sunkhronizein, to be contemporary, from sunkhronos, contemporaneous; see synchronous.]

syn′chro·ni·za′tion (-nĭ-zā′shən) n.
syn′chro·niz′er n.
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Noun1.synchronizing - the relation that exists when things occur at the same time; "the drug produces an increased synchrony of the brain waves"
temporal relation - a relation involving time
asynchronism, asynchrony, desynchronisation, desynchronization, desynchronizing - the relation that exists when things occur at unrelated times; "the stimulus produced a desynchronizing of the brain waves"
2.synchronizing - an adjustment that causes something to occur or recur in unison
readjustment, adjustment, registration - the act of adjusting something to match a standard
3.synchronizing - coordinating by causing to indicate the same time; "the synchronization of their watches was an important preliminary"
coordination - the regulation of diverse elements into an integrated and harmonious operation
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A word w is called a synchronizing word if, for any states [q.sub.i], [q.sub.j] [member of] Q, [q.sub.i]w = [q.sub.j]w.
AeroFS synchronizing files between a Linux Mint and a Windows 7 install
released its Model 6890 2.2 GHz clock, synch and gate distribution board for synchronizing multiple I/O modules.
The new FileMaker Mobile 8 now goes beyond synchronizing with local desktop databases only.
Others have made tiny microwave beacons that can coordinate their signals in a manner reminiscent of crickets and fireflies synchronizing nightly chirrups and blinks.
The interface is suited to developing synchronized data acquisition systems, as well as synchronizing IEEE 1588-capable industrial control and test and measurement devices, including future Class A and B LXI devices.