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A fellow member of a team.



a member of the same team.
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Noun1.teammate - a fellow member of a teamteammate - a fellow member of a team; "it was his first start against his former teammates"
associate - a person who joins with others in some activity or endeavor; "he had to consult his associate before continuing"
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De Guzman was filled with joy that he will once again team up with his teammates from 2015 especially with Espejo who's played as an import with Oita Miyoshi Wiesse Ader in Japan's V.League.
I'd like to thank my family and teammates for their support," Schoonover said.
New York Knicks center Enes Kanter would love to be teammates with Kevin Durant again and revealed he will try to recruit him ahead of potential free agency next year.
South Korean Olympic speed skating champion Lee Seung-hoon is facing allegations that he assaulted two teammates on multiple occasions.
For instructors, it can be challenging to determine how to best support online students because they frequently become aware of issues when matters take a turn for the worse and/or when it is very difficult to determine ways to help the team get back on track (e.g., when a teammate fails to turn in her/his part of an assignment or teammates band together against one teammate).
Sydney, May 27 ( ANI ): Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly been criticised for showing a 'lack of respect' towards his teammates with his 'egoistical' physical display after scoring his side's fourth goal from the penalty spot in Real's 4-1 win over cross-town rivals Atletico Madrid in the Champions League final.
"Nobody asked me to attack, my teammates pleaded with me to stay back but it was my decision and I followed my instinct.
* Inspire teammates to believe they are capable of higher deeds.
In his latest sports book, Halberstam follows the lives of four teammates: Ted Williams, Dominic DiMaggio, Johnny Pesky, and Bobby Doerr.
So, on October 28, Haasis wrote to CS8 director Charles Hoots, asserting: "[I]n respect to my teammates, and past and present football players of the Central State Eight, it is my hope that this pass is omitted from any conference records." He would, he asserted, "like to preserve the integrity and sportsmanship of a great conference for future athletes." Admitting that he "would like to have passed the record, as I think most high school quarterbacks would," he also pointed out that compiling his legitimate 4,969 yards "required a lot of cooperation and hard work from my teammates.
More than a handful of the Motolite volleybelles were Tiamzon's teammates in college when she bannered the UP Lady Maroons.