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 (tĕl′ə-mē′tər, tə-lĕm′ĭ-tər)
A measuring, transmitting, and receiving device used in telemetry.
tr.v. (tĕl′ə-mē′tər) tel·e·me·tered, tel·e·me·ter·ing, tel·e·me·ters
To measure, transmit, and receive (data) automatically from a distant source, as from a spacecraft or an electric power grid.
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Adj.1.telemetered - of or pertaining to telemetry; "the telemetered information was recorded and analyzed"
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"Under the Flood Warning System, 12 automatic water level stations and 3 automatic weather stations have been established, and under the Earthquake Monitoring System, 10 telemetered seismic stations have been added to the 8 station network of the DMH," the embassy statement said, as quoted by Myanmar Times.
The data is collected with a variety of onboard data acquisition systems or telemetered for post-test analysis.
(2002) telemetered 13 shortnose sturgeon, which were initially captured and tagged in the marine part of the estuary.
The data collected by the AROs are telemetered to a data hub in Boulder, Colorado, using mostly cellular Internet communications technology.
We located telemetered lizards before dawn while subjects were still inside their nocturnal refuges and verified the occupancy of the refuge visually via a 1.6-m medical borescope (Olympus Model CLV-10).
While early renovations were to the building itself, ensuring its structural integrity, later ones involved installation of aquatic sensors nine miles off of Little Egg Inlet in the nearshore ocean that allowed scientists to view life underwater telemetered back to the station and viewed remotely.
This migration plan identifies all the key fields in each telemetered database that must be verified to ensure information presented to controllers is unchanged.
These measurement tools lower cost by significantly reducing non-productive time as near real-time information about drift and azimuth of the wellbore are captured and telemetered uphole for the drilling company to take appropriate corrective action.
Addressing the growing demand for telemetered hydrological and meteorological equipment with the help of Newcastle University, the product and hydroinformatic service will open up new markets to the micro SME, which is already strong in UK and European markets.