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 (tĕl′ə-nō-vā′lə, -vĕl′ə)
A melodramatic television series with a limited number of episodes that is performed in Spanish or Portuguese, typically shown during prime time on multiple days of the week over the course of several months.

[Spanish : tele(visión), television (from tele-, tele- + visión, vision, from Latin vīsiō, vīsiōn-; see vision) + novela, novel (from Italian novella, news, story; see novel).]
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This article addresses the inherent bias of the Brazilian television medium--more specifically, TV Globo's telenovela genre--as it relates to representations of homosexuality and homosexual love.
Origins, development and update of the Mexican telenovela
"No Me Olvides" breaks new ground in the region as the first GMA telenovela to be aired in the country through Monte Carlo Television.
Super stars, Carmen Aub and Alberto Agnesi were in Lagos to network and interact with their teeming Nigerian audience who thronged the venue to catch a glimpse of their favourite telenovela actors.
O "estado da questao" aqui proposto refere-se, de modo ainda mais especifico, as pesquisas de recepcao de telenovela, particularmente, aquelas que estabeleceram analise e reflexoes sob a perspectiva das relacoes de genero, aspecto pouco enfatizado nos estudos desenvolvidos na ultima decada, como se vera a seguir.
The latest movie star who's opted to topbill a TV sitcom or drama series is Eva Longoria, whose Telenovela comedy show is banking on the viewership of millions of Americans of Latin extraction.