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1. Of or relating to the geographic area under a given jurisdiction: the territorial limits of a country.
2. Relating or restricted to a particular territory; regional: a territorial court.
3. often Territorial Of or relating to an administrative territory: the territorial government of the US Virgin Islands; Whitehorse, the territorial capital of the Yukon.
4. often Territorial Organized for national or home defense: the British Territorial Army.
5. Biology Displaying territoriality; defending a territory from intruders: territorial behavior; a territorial species.
n. also Territorial
A member of a territorial army.

ter′ri·to′ri·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.territorially - with respect to territory; "territorially important"
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"The island of Lampedusa, as the Italian playwright and journalist Davide Enia explains in this quiet yet urgent memoir, is territorially European but belongs tectonically to nearby Africa," states Steven Heighton in a review published in The New York Times.
At the moment, the fire was extinguished on a site that is territorially related to Kyrgyzstan.
Recent lion activity, including serious fighting resulting in deaths, suggests that lions that used to dominate the area where the SGR construction is ongoing have been territorially displaced, with the consequence of having to fight with other lions as they move into other territory.
The Branch is conceived as the only territorially exported structure of the National Academy of Arts.
Summary: The U.S.-backed effort to territorially defeat Daesh (ISIS) has grown more complicated in recent weeks, despite considerable progress to liberate Raqqa from Daesh.
The public prosecution in Jendouba Tuesday decided, as it is territorially competent, to transfer the file to El Gorjani National Unit of Investigation into Terrorist Crimes contrary to media reports of arrest then release, Sliti indicated.
A second half onslaught from Park never arrived, and - despite centre Beau Carney's yellow card on 50 minutes for foul play - Broadstreet dominated territorially but couldn't breakdown a resolute defence.
I thought they shaded it territorially but our defence was magnificent in the 90 minutes.
He argues that the spatial discourse is territorially trapped, and so is limited in its ability to explain the political and economic processes taking place on the ground, thus allowing the perception that the region and its people are inert objects over which Russia, China, and the US contend.
Defences dominated and although Park generally had the better of things territorially and possession-wise, New Brighton nearly snatched victory in the closing stages but had to settle for the losing bonus point.
Mellor said: "Territorially we were the better side but we were happy with a point, especially playing the last ten minutes with ten women and then with eight minutes to go our goalkeeper is taken off, so our centre-half has to go in goal.