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 (thûr′mə-hā′līn, -hăl′īn)
Of or relating to the effects of temperature and salinity on the large-scale circulation of oceanic waters.

[thermo- + Greek halinos, of salt (from hals, hal-, salt; see halo-).]
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relating to both the temperature and salinity of ocean water
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First, there's the physical pump, which is where carbon dioxide is absorbed by sea water and then physically transported into the deep ocean through the thermohaline circulation--that's the sinking of cold density water at the poles into the deep.
The thermohaline properties of the Gulf of Trieste, the northeastern part of the northern Adriatic, were studied by Malacic et al.
Numerical analysis of water circulation and thermohaline structures in the Caspian Sea.
Heat waves and thermohaline instability in a fluid.
After developing a comprehensive understanding of thermal fluid circulation and geologic heterogeneity, we implement a limited set of reactive transport models to assess the effects of fully coupled thermohaline fluid circulation within a diapir margin.
"In fact, 80 percent of figs on the market are grown in Marsa Matrouh governorate." Meselhy also said the government is "increasing rain water stocks to secure the population's needs, improve the distribution of thermohaline circulation through dams and reclaim lands in valleys and deltas." Wells to hold rain water are being drilled in the North Coast as part of the Nesho Wells Project planned by the government and consisting of sub-projects to be implemented by local and international bodies.
So you have a potential for interfacing with our normal thermohaline circulation systems, which could dramatically change that," she said.
However, research has shown the garbage reaches the area due to ocean currents, specifically a global one called Thermohaline Circulation.
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