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tr. & intr.v. tight·ened, tight·en·ing, tight·ens
To make or become tight or tighter.

tight′en·er n.
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But if you missed out on the Hanacure face tightener, stay alert over the next few months as Neutrogena readies to launch customised face masks in autumn, its LED mask debacle notwithstanding.
That's an artificial tightener in prime in the next third quarter--between the Olympics and the elections, there are going to be a lot of preemptions--yet also opportunities in news.
"I'm very impressed with cryolipolysis as the unheralded skin tightener. I looked at our first 464 patients and saw tremendous skin tightening."
For the lid tightener movement, cases 1 and 3 showed patterns that were similar to those of healthy subjects.
* Soliance, a unit of Givaudan Active Beauty, has introduced Easyliance, which it calls an instant skin tightener. A blend of two ingredients, hydrolyzed polysaccharide and acacia gum, the active spreads out on the skin surface to form a continuous, elastic film.
2,087,125: Wire tightener. Patent awarded to Henry C.
Jimmy fitted it with adjustable sights, Beavertail safety, group tightener, trigger job, satin nickel finish--essentially everything to make it a first-class pistol.
As Jerry explains, "The adjustment mechanism is a repurposed cargo-strap tightener that has a coarse-thread (8 threads per inch) screw that pulls and pushes a carriage along its length."
For a natural rescue remedy, egg white is a great under-eye skin tightener. Pat a little on the puffy areas and watch it tighten.
For example, merging the AU4 (brow raiser), AU15 (lip corner depressor), AU1 (inner brow raiser), and AU23 (lip tightener) produces sad appearance.
Because cheek raiser is very difficult to produce on demand without including other AUs, especially the lid tightener (AU7) [51], lid tightener was also taken into consideration; that is, the expected AU pattern of "disgust" was the combination of AU4, AU6, AU7, and AU9.