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Close-fisted; stingy.

tight′fist′ed·ness n.
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the quality or state of being tightfisted
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Noun1.tightfistedness - extreme stinginesstightfistedness - extreme stinginess      
stinginess - a lack of generosity; a general unwillingness to part with money
littleness, pettiness, smallness - lack of generosity in trifling matters
miserliness - total lack of generosity with money
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The stereotype of Gujaratis being a heady mix of tightfistedness, sweet-natured-yet-painfully pragmatic is wonderfully exploited in this European cross-country love story.
We are told that the hotel proprietor, a Mr Kaplan, is 'worried out of his senses' on account of financial travails, and resorts to a mean tightfistedness against his workers (Sachs, 1937, p.
This system of government needed the tightfistedness of Quynh and others at court to preserve the coherence and royal grip necessary to maintain command.
Frustrations with Neugebauer, who for months had perplexed super PAC officials with his false starts and apparent tightfistedness, were running higher than ever.
Gerry Dunn, Glasgow, says; "The Celtic fans know that the combination of Dermot Desmond and Peter Lawwell have started to hold the club back with their tightfistedness and bad signings."
IT seems that tightfistedness, not industry, is the immediate cause of our country's problems.