tilt forward


w>tilt forward

visich nach vorne neigen; (machine part)nach vorn kippen
vt sepnach vorne neigen; chair also, machine partnach vorne kippen
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It can carry 24 troops and once in the air, the plane's two main rotors tilt forward and power it like a normal propeller plane.
When you observe the way the best putters position their eyes over the ball, you will see they tilt forward from the hip joint.
One issue was that the A330 freighter's front landing gear has to be extended to overcome a tilt forward on the passenger version that complicates cargo loading.
That means the permanent tooth may drift or tilt forward. This is a common occurrence.
That will push you to tilt forward going back and tilt backward coming down.
Meanwhile, the 60/40 split rear seats could now tilt forward slightly to create more room or be folded flat to create a useful 731 litres of space.
It's very common for the shoulder point to tilt forward, which causes nine out of ten shoulder fitting issues.
The front columns of the building buckled, causing the building to tilt forward dangerously.
A motion study at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna has found that hunting dogs like retrievers tilt forward when carrying prey in their mouths, exacerbating existing joint and tendon damage.
The middle row all slide forwards and backwards and recline individually while built-in child booster seats are an option in the outer ones - which also tilt forward at the pull of a lever to allow easy access to the third row.
Keeping your back and legs fairly straight, tilt forward until your shoulders are forward of your toes.