tobacco mosaic

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Noun1.tobacco mosaic - a plant disease causing discoloration of the leaves of tobacco plants
mosaic - viral disease in solanaceous plants (tomatoes, potatoes, tobacco) resulting in mottling and often shriveling of the leaves
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The letter F on a tag alerts the purchaser the variety is resistant to fusarium wilt, TMV for tomato mosaic virus, V for verticillium wilt, T for tobacco mosaic virus and so on.
George Nyamwitanga, an agronomist in Kuria East, says the crop is mainly affected by tobacco mosaic and Leaf curling.
Calendula officinalis plants have been found to be affected by Cucumber mosaic virus (Lisa & Della-Valle, 1979; Naqvi & Samad, 1985), Turnip mosaic virus (Lisa et al., 1979) and Tobacco mosaic virus (Hristova et al ., 1994).
CGMMV is mechanically and seed transmitted with a narrow host range comprising of cucurbits only and is different in host range from Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) whose main hosts are members of the solanaceae (Antignus et al., 1990, 2001).
Dr Matthew McCarthy and his team at the Multiscale Thermofluidics Lab have been working on methods to improve heat transfer efficiency in phase-transition structures that, remarkably, make use of the tobacco mosaic virus (TMV), shown in figure 2.
The letter T introduces us to tobacco mosaic virus that is less seen now that fewer smokers are transmitting the virus from cigarette smoke to plants.
Extension farm advisors work with UCD's Department of Vegetable Crops to develop new varieties of peppers resistant to tobacco mosaic virus
PRs were first identified from tobacco leaves (Nicotiana tabacum) infected with tobacco mosaic virus and later have been detected in numerous plants of different species [28].
Oligochitosan protects plants from fungal infection, suppressing fungal diseases on rice, wheat and tomatoes; and oligoalginate stops the spread of the Tobacco Mosaic Virus, a disease which infects well over 350 different species of plants, not just tobacco.
Franklin also led pioneering work in tobacco mosaic and the polio virus.
They coated glass surfaces with uniform coverings of the Turnip yellow mosaic virus and Tobacco mosaic virus, originally intending to use them as starting points for examining other potential variations.