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n. pl. to·men·ta (-tə) Biology
A covering of dense matted hairs.

[Latin tōmentum, cushion stuffing.]
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n, pl -ta (-tə)
1. (Botany) a feltlike covering of downy hairs on leaves and other plant parts
2. (Anatomy) a network of minute blood vessels occurring in the human brain between the pia mater and cerebral cortex
[C17: New Latin, from Latin: stuffing for cushions; related to Latin tumēre to swell]
tomentose, tomentous adj
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(təˈmɛn təm)

n., pl. -ta (-tə).
a dense covering of woolly or matted hairs, as on a leaf.
[1690–1700; < New Latin tōmentum, Latin: cushion stuffing]
to•men•tose (təˈmɛn toʊs, ˈtoʊ mənˌtoʊs) adj.
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Noun1.tomentum - filamentous hairlike growth on a planttomentum - filamentous hairlike growth on a plant; "peach fuzz"
plant process, enation - a natural projection or outgrowth from a plant body or organ
stinging hair - a multicellular hair in plants like the stinging nettle that expels an irritating fluid
beard - a tuft or growth of hairs or bristles on certain plants such as iris or grasses
2.tomentum - a network of tiny blood vessels between the cerebral surface of the pia mater and the cerebral cortex
capillary vessel, capillary - any of the minute blood vessels connecting arterioles with venules
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(Hat tip to Politics Home's Kevin Schofield for dubbing it Tomentum.) Ostensibly this is Watson trying to keep the party together and prevent further defections to the Independent Group.
norstogii show a light brown to ochre tomentum on the megasporophyll lobule near the horns, whereas C.
Spores in Phaeangium are ornamented at maturity and a have tomentose peridium, whereas Picoa juniperi has smooth spores and no tomentum. Phaeangium and its single species, P.
Abdomen extremely large, with six somites, and telson free articulated; margin with tomentum, laterally covering ischia and distally buccal cavity and eyes.
7.Pileus 46 cm wide convex becoming nearly planewith age yellowish surface viscid irregular circular patchesof graybrown to dark brown tomentum or squamules allover the pileus surface margins incurved when young gradually becoming deflexed to straight to uplifted with agesmooth.
Greyish indumentum and presence of fuzzy tomentum, scarce and deciduous, mainly in the midrib.
Frons without M-shaped mark, sagittal interfrontal stripe bright yellow, other frontal parts reddish yellow, less shiny, orbitalia and interfrontal lines silvery, occiput dark with silvery tomentum. Facial plate bright yellow.
Supra-alar setae 3 of 4; abdomen densely with tomentum and with clothing setulae arising from a small shining spot M.
2j) They emerge covered in pale yellow to tan tomentum, later losing some of the tomentum, and ultimately maturing to green or grayish-green (3E-F).
Pedicel and first 3 flagellomeres brownish orange but flagellomeres 2-3 darkened on outer surface, rest of flagellum (flagellomeres 4-7) black, last flagellomere longer than flagellomeres 4-7 combined (6:4), 1-5 flagellomeres covered with tomentum consisting of very short, densely whitish hairs, rest of flagellomeres with short black hairs.
Head and prothorax continuously covered by appressed tomentum; prothorax with a deep, dense and regular punctation.