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Noun1.troponymy - the semantic relation of being a manner of does something
semantic relation - a relation between meanings
2.troponymy - the place names of a region or a language considered collectively
place name, toponym - the name by which a geographical place is known
aggregation, collection, accumulation, assemblage - several things grouped together or considered as a whole
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Miller and Fellbaum (1991: 216-220), much on the same line, state that troponymy (from Greek topos, i.e., manner or fashion) or verb hyponymy is the most common semantic relation among verbs.
In sum, both troponymic (i.e., a verb X is a way of verb Y) and taxonomic relations (i.e., a verb X is a kind of verb Y) are to be distinguished when exploring the nature of verb lexicons, though troponymy (or verb hyponymy) seems to be the most frequent semantic relation.
Following Cruse (1989, 2004) and Miller & Fellbaum (1991), we were inclined to predict that the way-of question would work better, i.e., higher ratings, than the kind-of question, as troponymy is the most frequent semantic relation among verbs.