n., pl. -perch•es, (esp. collectively) -perch.
a North American freshwater fish, Percopsis omiscomaycus, exhibiting characteristics of both trouts and perches.
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Some phases of the life history of the Troutperch, Percopsis omiscomaycus (Walbaum), in Lower Red Lake, Minnesota [thesis].
"But they also feed on perch, crappies, troutperch, and other species in the vicinity.
All lake trout lakes contain zooplankton, but many lakes lack intermediate trophic links: Mysis relicta (a freshwater shrimp), and the common and available prey fish of lake trout that we refer to as "pelagic forage fish" (smelt, cisco, whitefish, alewife, sculpins, nine-spine stickleback, and troutperch).