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n. pl. turfs also turves (tûrvz)
a. A surface layer of earth containing a dense growth of grass and its matted roots; sod.
b. An artificial substitute for such a grassy layer, as on a playing field.
2. A piece cut from a layer of earth or sod.
3. A piece of peat that is burned for use as fuel.
4. Informal
a. The range of the authority or influence of a person, group, or thing; a bailiwick: "a bureaucracy ... concerned with turf, promotions, the budget, and protecting the retirement system" (Harper's). See Synonyms at field.
b. A geographical area; a territory.
c. The area claimed by a gang, as of youths, as its personal territory.
5. Sports
a. A racetrack.
b. The sport or business of racing horses.
tr.v. turfed, turf·ing, turfs
1. To spread with turf: turfed the front yard.
2. Chiefly British Slang To throw out, as from a place or position; eject: "when Adam and Eve got turfed out of Eden" (Malachy McCourt).
3. Slang To kill: "These guys can't ... make sure nobody gets turfed" (Scott Turow).

[Middle English, from Old English.]

turf′y adj.
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TURFING a lawn is easy as long as you stick to some rules.
You should also have fed the plot with a general lawn fertiliser and lightly raked it into the surface a week before turfing.
The Millennium Stadium is to install the biggest turfing system in the world in time for the Six Nations.