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Past tense and past participle of undersell.
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John Lewis & Partners said it has continued to be squeezed by strong competition and has offered "unprecedented" levels of price-matching through its Never Knowingly Undersold pledge.
strong competition as it moves to keep prices low despite inflation and has offered "unprecedented" levels of price matching through its famous Never Knowingly Undersold pledge.
The biggest hit from the firm's price cuts, in line with its Never Knowingly Undersold promise, came in fashion and beauty.
Returning for a new series, the pair take on retail giant John Lewis, which claims with its famous slogan that it is "never knowingly undersold".
JOHN Lewis is failing to deliver on its "never knowingly undersold" pledge, an investigation found.
John Lewis, a chain of quality department stores in Britain, is known for its 'Never Knowingly Undersold' policy which has been in place since 1925.
Earlier this year a different report by the Auditor General claimed a Welsh Government fund undersold public land by tens of millions of pounds.
"In the same way that John Lewis owns the position of 'Excellent service, never knowingly undersold', we wanted to develop a proposition that made Bravissimo appeal to all D+ women regardless of age, lifestyle or status.
NOW, we hear the Royal Mail privatisation was undersold, costing the ordinary taxpayer hundreds of millions of pounds.
More than nine out of 10 people looking for a job said that they lacked confidence when talking about themselves, while employers often felt that people undersold their abilities in interviews.