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Let F: [P.sub.1] x[P.sub.2]x[P.sub.3]x[P.sub.4][right arrow]P (X), where X is the universe of discourse, such that
Adaptive operators are specifically designed operators that adjust the universe of discourse of the fuzzy sets and modify the core, support, and shape of fuzzy sets.
Let [mathematical expression not reproducible] be two intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy numbers in the universe of discourse X.
The quotient space theory exists to have under the premise of topologic relations to conduct the research in universe of discourse elements, namely the universe of discourse is a topological space, but the universe of discourse of random theory is only the set of points of the object, among the elements the topologic relations not within the consideration, these differences have certain influence to the problem solving.
The angle should be partitioned in the universe of discourse [-180[degrees] 180[degrees]], and the setting is defined by seven membership functions: negative big (NB), negative medium (NM), negative small (NS), zero (Z), positive small (PS), positive medium (PM), and positive big (PB) as shown in Figure 6.
Definition 3.1 A neutrosophic vague set [A.sub.NV] (NVS in short) on the universe of discourse X written as
Let U be a universe of discourse, R an equivalence relation, and 0 [less than or equal to] [beta] < 0.5.
We are currently pushed into a universe of discourse where one is expected to establish a position on one side or another of this dichotomy.
Formally, the definition of a fuzzy set requires two basic components: a universe of discourse or domain and a function, called the membership function, which defines the "degree" to which a particular element of the domain belongs or not belongs to the set.
Let S be a given set in the universe of discourse U, and the optimal point O [subset] S.
Nevertheless, Basser challenges scholarship's uncritical preference for early materials to exclusively reflect the gospel's context by also asserting the value of later texts that, he argues, interact with it in a "shared symbolic universe of discourse in common contexts" (p.
As will be explained later in relation to the narrative itself, one's universe of discourse blinds one to other universes of discourse.