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intr.v. u·ri·nat·ed, u·ri·nat·ing, u·ri·nates
To excrete urine.

[Medieval Latin ūrīnāre, ūrīnāt-, from Latin ūrīna, urine; see urine.]

u′ri·na′tion n.
u′ri·na′tive adj.
u′ri·na′tor n.
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someone who urinates
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Noun1.urinator - a person who urinatesurinator - a person who urinates    
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
bed wetter, bedwetter, wetter - someone suffering from enuresis; someone who urinates while asleep in bed
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The raw fact of the matter is that I have never been a good urinator, particularly when coerced by doctors, nurses, other assorted urine collectors, or long lines at restrooms.
When our neighbours see me, they say "the urinator" is coming, and they ask their friends "can you smell urine, what is smelling, where is it coming from." I feel ashamed and talk to my self "self-mumbling" and say: yes they are talking about you.
In Lisburn they meet Republic fan Kenny Murdock who comes up with a new use for his well-travelled flag and they join a bus load of Republic fans on their way to a match in Dublin as they introduce Colin and Jake to their special travel aid - the Gilnahirk Urinator.
Art critic Bruce Hainley wrote favorably in 2002 that these paintings, loaded with DNA, literally connect the individual urinator to the canvas like a recorded document of the person.
The Urinator. Impossible-to-dislike potential winner Gogglebox George constantly calling Audley Harrison "Audrey".
If you have a submissive or excitement urinator, you can be very optimistic.
She also said that, according to her records, Princess has come in and out of the Rescue League three different times since June, although nowhere does it peg Princess as a serial urinator.
Mac, a public urinator, occasional exhibitionist and master of screaming the obvious, is nonetheless extremely likeable, and while Adam at first regards him as an eccentric cling-on, the two sink almost effortlessly into a rock-solid friendship that is the key to the whole picture.