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(n. ˈvaɪsˈri dʒənt; adj. vaɪsˈri dʒənt)

a deputy regent.
vice′-re′gen•cy, n.
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Noun1.vice-regent - a regent's deputy
deputy, lieutenant - an assistant with power to act when his superior is absent
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Pribadi gives an example of the election for a regent and vice-regent in Bangkalan in 2008, in which the contest was primarily between the previous regent, a scion of a prominent kiai family with a blater-image, who was supported by a conservative Islamic party, and his former vice-regent, who was supported by secular parties.
In March 1910, the 13-year-old girl was invited to perform at a reception hosted by Vorontsov-Dashkov, the vice-regent of the Caucasus.
In the late eleventh century Constantinople was the largest and wealthiest city in Christendom, the seat of the Byzantine emperor, Christ's vice-regent on earth, and the center of a predominately Christian empire, steeped in Greek cultural and artistic influences, yet founded and maintained by a Roman legal and administrative system.
The second case study is that of Siti Qomariyah, who was elected as vice-regent (2001-6) and then as regent (2006-11) of Pekalongan.
Regent: Aline Brassard; Vice-Regent: Marie Cormier-Boudreau; Past-Regent: Anita Winters; Financial Secretary: Jeannine Farineau; Recording Secretary: Dorothy Mullen; Treasurer: Pauline Pelland; Scribe: Carol Bressette; Chancellor: Linda Bourque; Custodian: Rita Boudreau; Monitor: Norma J.
When another two killings occur, both mirroring macabre murders from a Jacobean revenge tragedy, it appears the culprit is targeting candidates in the election to become vice-regent. However, one of the suspects is hiding a dark secret and Lewis and Hathaway realise the motive is much more twisted.
Numerous verses in the Quran state that Allah has appointed man as His vice-regent on earth and, as such, one of the duties specifically enjoined on the believer is to preserve His habitat and protect the environment from abuse.