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Of or characteristic of whores or a whore; lewd.

whor′ish·ly adv.
whor′ish·ness n.
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(ˈhɔr ɪʃ, ˈhoʊr-; often ˈhʊər-)

having the character or characteristics of a whore; lewd.
whor′ish•ness, n.
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Marked by an absence of conventional restraint in sexual behavior; sexually unrestrained:
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The Element of Water by Stevie Davies TEUTONS disdained effete French, dog-Russian, pig-Yiddish, whorish Polish, which he now rushed to embrace.
I applaud President Duterte for publicizing this disgusting whorish delay of project proposals and land grants.
What durst move you, sir, To think me whorish? A name which I'd tear out From the high German's throat if it lay ledger there To dispatch privy slanders against me!
Many young men offered the comment that men are not sure how to take women, sometimes women act whorish and other times they try to act innocent.
out, lurks the grotesque reality of Beatrice's whorish heart, the
Dolittle and the whorish consolations of Life is Beautiful.
Across an inherently dangerous world landscape, engaged Americans find themselves nonstop targets of headline whiplash, an avalanche of shiny objects, from a deeply biased media class, unprincipled disciples of whorish ratings and cheesy sensationalism.
It delivers a violent, bloody, myth-based model for her later developments of the trope in the whorish puppet in "The Loves of Lady Purple." In Carter's work, in a celebratory manner, puppet, vampire, werewolf, women, old and young, fly or stalk out of the constraints of the male gaze, and the established and popular imaginary.
For example, Stubbes lists "Heathen Idolatry" and "whoredome" as the "fruits of theaters."6 Munday, meanwhile, laments that plays produce an exodus from the " "temple" and the "sacrament" to the "yeard" to "feede our adulterous eies with the impure & most whorish sight of filthie pastime." (7)
Written, directed, and produced by Samberg and his long-time partners, Taccone and Schaffer, the movie has a jaunty good time skewering the whorish showbiz media kaleidoscope--the tabloids, the corporate tie-ins, TMZ--but its satire of youth stardom is a little skin-deep.
Things look firmly tied down as America's falconry, economically as well as militarily, will remain in charge no matter who's elected to occupy the White House; or minor changes take place in the mores of that political whorish majority which consistently is reelection-funded by special interests to return to Congress.
At one point he tries to confirm his suspicion that she is whorish by hiring a proxy to seduce her.