wild sage

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Noun1.Wild sage - Eurasian sage with blue flowers and foliage like verbenawild sage - Eurasian sage with blue flowers and foliage like verbena; naturalized in United States
salvia, sage - any of various plants of the genus Salvia; a cosmopolitan herb
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Her medium is acrylic on canvas and she adds natural pieces from the Eureka region to her paintings such as fool's gold, gold dust, wild sage, and wood from the mines and trees.
Wildflowers like the blanket flower, wild sage, wild bergamot, and milkweed are popping up all over and vegetable gardens are in full swing.
Others were Tridax procumbens (Coat buttons leaves), Citrus sinensis (Orange fruit peels), Lantana camara (Wild sage leaves) and Solanum nigrum (Black nightshade leaves.
Marmareya (wild sage) is used medicinally for throat and chest complaints, as well as stomach upsets.
The Ecocert- and Cosmebio-certified formulation, devised by Dominique Baudoux a Belgian pharmacist and founder of the Pranarom Laboratory, contains wild sage, clary sage, rosemary verbenone, wild carrot, rosewood and red lingonberry.
She adds: "When we climbed the hillside through the wild sage and saw the view we were smitten.
The nursery also carried wild sage, which she said was not edible.
Buy or sell the parts or meat of wild sage grouse, sharp-tailed grouse or spruce grouse.