world soul

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world soul

In some philosophical and religious belief systems, a spiritual principle having the same relation to the physical world as the human soul does to the body; the animating force of the world.
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world′ soul′

the animating principle or the moving force of the universe.
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Well if we believe in the wisdom of what is inside is also outside us, then everything happening in the world now is about the maturing process of our collective world soul.
Hegel differentiates his concept of the human soul from that of the Stoics, who make it part of the World Soul, and from Descartes, who makes it a res cogitans.
called the source that fueled their great work in the world Soul Force.
Hence the title the World Soul (rather than Feeling Soul), characteristic of the being-in-the-world of human being.
What else could you call this world soul that speaks many tongues, but
MYTHS OF LIGHT: EASTERN METAPHORS OF THE ETERNAL explores the basic principle that underlies all Eastern religion from Jainism to Buddhism: the concept of the World Soul. Chapters survey the author's study of world religions, the core interconnecting mythologies and philosophies of the East, and uses examples and stories to bring them alive, offering insights in an easy, enlightening mode perfect for any new age collection seeking an easy introduction to the interconnecting spiritual forces of Eastern perceptions.
Those enduring debilitating illness or doddering age are likewise released to rejoin the world soul, as Humanitarianism preaches.
The Philebus and the Timaeus prepare the grounds for Laws X through the limited/unlimited dichotomy, the world soul, and a teleological interpretation of nature.
The body has the minimal expression of life by being part of the world soul and so being ordered by the intellect.
On "Praia," from their first full-length album New World Soul, a brisk and cheerful guitar echoing the songs of West Africa gives way to a jazz-inflected trumpet's soliloquy.
Moreover, the whole notion of a "world soul" in Solov'ev and in Sergii Bulgakov needs analytic review rather than merely being taken at face value, especially in how it can be reconciled with creativity and personal freedom.

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